What is Mashida?

Mashida is a BEP20 Token and a Web3 Platform that contains a Virtual world and Social and Game application features that are interconnected, and people can interact virtually, work, play, and meet based on activity and interaction.


Mashida will establish a game and finance platform that can connect free to earn, free to play, and play to earn.


Mashida will create a Web 3 Social Media platform that makes user interactions safer.


Mashida will adopt a dual layer / filter for the dashboard layer, with the first layer being a verified circle of friends and the outermost circle using a supporting profile.

Our Feature Mashida


Set your privacy boundaries and connect with your circle of friends. Stay in touch, informed, updated and don't miss the latest info


Monetize your time, work and expertise and be more interactive with requests and offers from the community. More interactions generate more earning opportunities and rewards


Play Free to play, pay to play, free to earn and play to earn we make in one experience and fair competition season, Player controlled game


Earn crypto from interaction and competition from games. and earn tokens and loyalty points to spend on exclusive offers of item items and service features on the platform

Token Allocation

Contract Address


Q1 2023
  • Presale

  • Listing Coinmarketcap

  • Listing Coingecko

  • Listing CEX

  • Dapp Develop

  • Game Alpha Test

  • NFT Avatar

Q2 2023
  • Listing Cex

  • Game Beta Test

  • Dapp Live

  • Mobile App Live

  • Develop NFT Store

Q3 2023
  • Listing Cex

  • Mobile App Update

  • NFT Store Update

  • Game NFT Alpha Test

Q4 2023
  • Listing Cex

  • Social Media Web3

  • Game NFT Beta

Q1 2024
  • Listing Cex

  • List More Game

Q2 2024
  • Social Fi Alpha Test

Q3 2024
  • Listing Cex

  • Social Fi Beta

Q4 2024
  • Listing Cex

Hida Aldric


Based on Advisor & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Having experience in business management & Strategic collaboration. He is now active as CEO on Mashida Project.


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Announcement Game Unik 18 Days of War Segera Manjakan Penggemar Esports

Jakarta- Semakin banyak saja game yang memanfaatkan teknologi blockchain. Tidak lama lagi akan hadir game 18 Days of War. Game ini sedang dikembangkan dengan serius oleh Mashida.

Eco system Mengenal Mashida, Proyek Blockchain Gabungan Medsos, Game, dan NFT

Jakarta - Mashida, perusahaan bikinan anak muda Indonesia, menggarap proyek blockchain yang merupakan gabungan antara media sosial, gaming dan NFT. Decentralised Application Mashida dibangun di atas BNB Chain, dan akan berkesinambungan dengan DeFi, media sosial, NFT Store, DAO, dan lain sebagainya.

Community Proyek dApp Asli Buatan Anak Muda Indonesia

Berdasarkan data yang diperoleh dari beberapa sumber, ada 3 pilar utama yang akan berkembang dalam dunia blockchain, yaitu pasar Game-Fi dengan nilai US$203,1 milyar, Socia-Fi dengan nilai US$221,29 milyar dan NFT-Fi dengan nilai US$659 juta. Salah satu perusahaan yang berfokus pada pengembangan dApp (Decentralized Application) adalah proyek Mashida.

FAQ & Question

What is MASHIDA?

Mashida is an BEP-20 token built on the BNB blockchain , it is a Crypto Token and a Web3 Platform that contains a Virtual world and Social and Game application features that are interconnected, and people can interact virtually, work, play, and meet based on activity and interaction, can transact peer to peer, application owners and users are referred to as the Mashida Army, with NFT as profile identities and assets on the platform, $MSHD will be required for the buying and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

How do I get started & access MASHIDA?

To access this feature, please follow these steps:
• Go to
• Choose “Connect” on the top right header
• Create Profil Basic with Wallet and Set Profil Avatar with Email


Buy Mashida Token ( $MSHD ) at Pancake Swap:
• Open Pancake Swap
• Connect your wallet
• Switch to the BSC network
• BNB available in wallet - used to buy and gas fees
• $MSHD available to buy

How do user using the ?

Players will enter the platform mashida, to Interact, Play and Earn, with our fitur Social, game and NFT.
- Social Users can use social media features to post writing and media to interact globally and interact and transact with P2P systems, make friends and communities, simply with a profile that has been created based on a registered email and wallet.
- Game What types of games are available in Action, Fighting, Strategy, Sport, RPG, FPS, Adventure, Multi Player, Battle Royale, Mini Game, Casual. To learn more, please see this gameplay guide.
-NFT NFTs are digital assets that are typically representations of real-world objects such as Identity Profiles, in-game items, videos, music, collectibles, virtual assets and art.